The volunteer body at Pink Dot SG has grown from a mere 30 individuals in 2009 to more than 500 individuals. During this time, we have seen passionate and dedicated individuals step up as Team Leaders and witnessed a groundswell of sentiment from our volunteers who want to do more than just help out at one event a year.

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Borne from this amazing volunteer body that has supported Pink Dot SG since the beginning, Involve Volunteer Network (IVN) is an independent non-profit organization whose aim is to engage both the LGBTQ community and Straight Allies to create a more compassionate society through volunteerism.

The aim of the IVN platform is to encourage a culture of volunteerism and do more for the whole of Singapore society by reaching out to more communities on top of the LGBT community. It is also our hope that through this platform, we develop passionate community leaders in the space of volunteerism.